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Nipper-And-Cutter Wholesale Supplier.

Are you looking for Custom Cuticle nipper and ingrown Nail cutter for startup or a Brand?

If Congratulation we are here. Habi Industries custom cuticle nipper and ingrown nail cutter manufacturer and supplier.We are Pakistan Based Company since 1999.We provide private Label Cuticle nipper and nail cutter for industry Customers.Our team has since 1999 year experience in Production of beauty instruments. Habi Industries custom making of cuticle nipper and cutter with care and professionalism from pattern making to production and shipping. Our team use advance machine and technique to developing high quality products.

Our Team always ready to serve through any communication method.

Choosing the right Cuticle nipper and nail cutter lowest cost!

1. Develop a concept.

We only need a sketch based on your ideas you send hand drawing references product or digital image for better visualization.

2. Uses of Cuticle nipper

Cuticles are essential for your nail’s health and safety, but they can sometimes build up dead skin. A cuticle cutter is a handy device you can use to snip unwanted dead skin off your cuticles. To use a cuticle cutter, sanitize the cutter first and then soften your nails. Gently pull away any dead skin and then moisturize your nail bed.

3. Materials

This cuticle nipper is a professional high quality salon personal care product. Made of high quality stainless steel to keep the cutting edges sharp and rust-free.

4. Size

With a jaw length ranging from 5.5 mm to 6.5 mm, they strike a balance between precision detailing and general cuticle maintenance. The longest jaw length size (6.5 mm – 7.5 mm): Cuticle nippers with the longest jaw length are designed for experienced professionals and nail technicians.

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