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Scissors and tweezers manufacturer and supplier

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of custom eyelash tweezers wholesale with your brand logo?

If “yes” so you do not have to search anymore. HABI is the manufacturer & wholesaler of custom logo lash tweezers. We offer private label label eyelash tweezers. Plasma Gold Diamond Grip Tweezers are designed for the art of classic, hybrid, volume and mega-volume eyelash extension application. The lightweight plasma construction with a diamond grip pattern ensures an easy grip, maximum control, and precision and also reduces hand fatigue as the tweezers do not need to be gripped as tightly as standard tweezers.

Are You Looking For manufacturer of Custom logo size cuticle scissors and nail scissors?

If “yes” so you do not have to search anymore.

What is cuticle scissors?
 Cuticle scissor is small, sharp scissor that is used for trimming the dead skin around the base of a nail bed.
Our Product Range Mention Below.
Eyelash Extension Tweezers:
Eyebrow Tweezers:
Plucking Hair Remover Eyebrow tweezers:
Custom eyelash curler:
Private label Nail cutting scissors :
Custom Embroidery scissors:
Custom Nose hair scissors:
Manufacturer cuticle scissors:
Tailor scissors custom size:
Fancy Scissors:
Nail Pinching tweezers:
Fiber tip eyelash tweezers:
Why You Choose us ?
We are Manufacturing of Beauty instruments since 1999.Because we know how manufacturer your ideas!
  • Work Experience.
  • Vast Industry Knowledge.
  • Private label.
  • Custom logo size available on customer demand.
  • High Quality stainless steel materials use.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Team Work.
  • Delivery on Time.
  • Certified manufacturer.