Custom Eyebrow Scissors – Cuticle Facial Hair & Eyelash Trimming Shears

    • Eyebrow cutting scissors typically feature:
      1. Sharp blades: Made from high-quality stainless steel or Japanese steel for precise cutting.
      2. Short blades: Usually 1-2 inches long for better control and accuracy.
      3. Rounded tips: For safety and to prevent accidental poking or scratching.
      4. Thin blades: Allow for precise cutting and trimming of individual hairs.
      5. Comfortable handles: Ergonomically designed for easy grip and maneuverability.
      6. Adjustable tension: Some scissors have adjustable tension screws for customized blade alignment.
      7. Durable construction: Built to withstand regular use and cleaning.
      8. Sanitary design: Some scissors have a removable finger rest or hollow handles for easy cleaning.
      9. High-quality materials: Often made from stainless steel, titanium, or other durable materials.
      10. Precise alignment: Blades are precisely aligned for accurate cutting and trimming.



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