Custom Color Embroidery Scissors For Thread Cutting And Embroidery Work

  • Cutting threads: These scissors are small and sharp, designed specifically for cutting threads or tiny snippets of fabric.
  •  Cutting goldwork purl and check wires: Goldwork scissors have a finely serrated blade and are used for cutting metal threads.
  • Cutting warp and weft threads: Bent scissors have an ultra-fine point and an angled, bent blade, which are designed to cut away warp and weft threads of the ground fabric.
  • Appliqué: Curved scissors are used for cutting out small fabric shapes.
  • Quilt making: Duckbill scissors are great for appliqué and quilt making, as the duckbill shape gives great control and protects the base fabric when trimming close to the edges of a stitched fabric shape.

Suitable for makeup salon, cosmetics studio, makeup artist, professional use or personal use. Whether you are a professional lash artist or a beginner, you will use it very well!

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