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  • Professional custom Manicure Pedicure tools kit: Beard/Mustache Scissors – These highly specialized scissors feature straighter blades for greater precision in cutting and trimming facial hair.
  • Nail Cleaners – Nail Cleaners remove the dirt that gathers under the nail, and can also help clean between the nail and cuticle. Most nail cleaners have a triangular-rounded tip to ensure minimal damage or scraping of the under nail, and to avoid any cuts that could infect.
  • Cuticle Pushers – Cuticle Pushers push back cuticles and nail bed skin to prevent overgrowth and hangnails which helps keep cuticles neat and healthy, and clean out dirt and dead skin from the nail bed.
  • Toenail Clippers – Much like glass pedicure bars, a specialized toenail clipper is an essential pedicure tool to cut thicker, stronger toenails. Toenail clippers are made of very hard steel, like high carbon (surgical) stainless steel, have a wider blade, longer handle, and should be fastened with a pin-and-post, never with a clip.
  • Steel Nail File – While we highly recommend crystal glass nail files, some people still prefer more traditional files. The best alternative to glass files are heirloom quality triple-cut nail files made of high carbon stainless steel with double-sided grooves and textures.



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