Professional Hair Extension Pliers – Micro Link Tools for Hair or Feather Extensions Styling

  • Here are some general steps for using hair extension pliers:
    1. Prep the hair: Wash and dry the hair before applying extensions.
    2. Section the hair: Divide the hair into sections for applying extensions.
    3. Clamp the pliers: Clamp the pliers onto the bead or bond, depending on the application method.
    4. Crimp or squeeze: Crimp or squeeze the pliers to secure the bead or bond.
    5. Repeat: Repeat the process for each section of hair.
    6. Check: Check the extensions to ensure they are secure and comfortable.
    Some tips for using hair extension pliers include:
    – Use a heat protectant spray to prevent damage to the hair and extensions.
    – Use a bead or bond that is suitable for the type of hair extension being applied.
    – Be gentle when handling the hair and extensions to prevent damage.
    – Use a mirror to ensure the extensions are applied evenly and securely.
    – Practice using the pliers on a small section of hair before applying extensions to the entire head.



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